Administration and Marketing

Business Support Services

A division of Best Asset Management, which is dedicated to bringing quality products and services as a trusted, reliable partner to the marketplace.

Our administration capabilities extend beyond the more traditional support services. This division is a vital cog that facilitates all other business activity, supporting the company’s functions to operate, flourish and generate revenue.

Our team of highly experienced professionals help to improve efficiency and effectiveness through the provision of high-quality business support services to our clients. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all products and services, our team assists clients and introducers on the contractual side, processing sales contracts, assisting with product information, facilitating payments and effectively project managing the contractual cycle of the products to make for a smooth process and excellent service.

To allow for a joined-up approach and complete solution, we also provide Marketing assistance. This enables us to produce collateral for our clients and effectively launch a corporate bond, investment product or High-Net-Worth offer in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we assist introducers with their in-house Marketing, providing guidance and support where required.

Our Administration and Marketing Services include:

  • Contract Administration
  • Business Support Services
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Finance Enquiries
  • Investment Statements
  • Payment Services
  • Marketing Documentation and Support

Our Clients include:


Uavend Corporate Bonds is a new corporate client of Best Corporate Asset Management. We are working with the Uavend team on their funding structure, having released Uavend Corporate Bonds in February 2016.

Orthios Eco Parks

Best Corporate Asset Management have worked with Orthios Eco Parks to develop Corporate Bonds amongst various other in-house services in their journey.

Oasis Atlantico

Best Corporate Asset Management has worked closely with Oasis Atlantico in the past year, consulting on their business concept.


Olmsted has grown its unit count to approximately 212 units throughout the South East over the last 12 months. The properties are located in emerging, clean energy markets and attractive subsidies.

Real Time Investments (RTI)

Real Time Investments appointed Best Corporate Asset Management to assist the Group in the development of its strategy. Subsequently, Best designed the RTI Corporate Bonds.


Enviroparks is a UK renewable energy infrastructure project. Best have worked with this client for over 3-years in developing, structuring and managing the fund raising strategy for the project.

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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