Real Time Investments (RTI)

What we do for them

Best Corporate Asset Management has assisted RTI in the development of its strategy.

RTI buys single and multi-family homes in Southeast Michigan, focusing on metropolitan markets where opportunity exists to purchase and rehabilitate distressed properties at a significant discount to the cost of replacement. After value is added through a programme of intensive rehabilitation, RTI leases or re-sells homes, providing high quality living space and contributing to the area’s already impressive economic recovery.

With the in-house business services provided by Best Corporate Asset Management, RTI have structured RTI corporate bonds which will be utilised to purchase, rehabilitate and re-sell residential housing units in Southeast Michigan, USA and the operation of this program. Acquiring single and multi-family residential houses, which provide opportunistic real estate investment profiles, it is expected that these investments will achieve capital appreciation on re-sale of the properties.

The complete Group strategy is to acquire distressed or under-utilised housing units from financial institutions, municipalities and individual sellers, rehabilitate them and re-sell them to local homeowner-occupiers. The process, from purchase to sale of each property, is projected to last a maximum of seven months. This business model, which was put into operation in July of 2014 by RTI, is motivated by the Group’s positive outlook for the Southeast Michigan housing market.

It is believed that the homeowner housing segment is in a steady and improving condition, based on a rise in sales volume, a rise in median prices and a decrease in the average number of days a property is on the market for. Therefore it is expected that investment in this market will provide strong financial rewards.

Best Corporate Asset Management Services:

Consultancy Services

Best Corporate Asset Management has assisted RTI in the development of its business strategy including designing investment products to enable RTI to purchase, rehabilitate and re-sell residential housing units in Southeast Michigan. The bonds also offer qualified investors rewarding annual returns.

Fund Raising Products:

Best Corporate Asset Management structured a retail bond offering for RTI.

Administration and Marketing:

Best Corporate Asset Management created the promotional material for the RTI Corporate Bonds and provides supporting services to RTI to deliver an efficient process.

Our Clients include:


Uavend Corporate Bonds is a new corporate client of Best Corporate Asset Management. We are working with the Uavend team on their funding structure, having released Uavend Corporate Bonds in February 2016.

Orthios Eco Parks

Best Corporate Asset Management have worked with Orthios Eco Parks to develop Corporate Bonds amongst various other in-house services in their journey.

Oasis Atlantico

Best Corporate Asset Management has worked closely with Oasis Atlantico in the past year, consulting on their business concept.


Olmsted has grown its unit count to approximately 212 units throughout the South East over the last 12 months. The properties are located in emerging, clean energy markets and attractive subsidies.

Real Time Investments (RTI)

Real Time Investments appointed Best Corporate Asset Management to assist the Group in the development of its strategy. Subsequently, Best designed the RTI Corporate Bonds.


Enviroparks is a UK renewable energy infrastructure project. Best have worked with this client for over 3-years in developing, structuring and managing the fund raising strategy for the project.

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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