Orthios Eco Parks

What we do for them

At various stages of the project, each division within Best Corporate Asset Management played a crucial part in the development and growth of Orthios Eco Parks.

The Orthios Group aims to deliver the first Eco Park in Anglesey, which will provide a combined food and power business and is expected to form a profitable, environmentally friendly and industrial agricultural facility. With a renewable energy power plant at its core, the project has already received great media coverage including the BBC, for its works and positive environmental impact.

When fully operational, the plant is expected to generate enough electricity to power
300,000 homes and the park will create at least 500 jobs. Anglesey’s MP Albert Owen, said: “The latest step forward showed the island was well placed to deliver a major project that would create quality, long-term employment prospects.”

Best Asset Management Services:

Consultancy Services:

Best Corporate Asset Management is responsible for developing and managing the complete fund-raising strategy for this project, from raising the first £1 through to funding the complete development of a 299-megawatt power station.

Fund Raising Products:

Best Corporate Asset Management helped structure a series of fund raising products, subsequently assisting with the distribution to their selective network.

Administration and Marketing:

Best Corporate Asset Management created the promotional material and distributed the structured investment products via our internal HNW and retail networks.

Our Clients include:


Uavend Corporate Bonds is a new corporate client of Best Corporate Asset Management. We are working with the Uavend team on their funding structure, having released Uavend Corporate Bonds in February 2016.

Orthios Eco Parks

Best Corporate Asset Management have worked with Orthios Eco Parks to develop Corporate Bonds amongst various other in-house services in their journey.

Oasis Atlantico

Best Corporate Asset Management has worked closely with Oasis Atlantico in the past year, consulting on their business concept.


Olmsted has grown its unit count to approximately 212 units throughout the South East over the last 12 months. The properties are located in emerging, clean energy markets and attractive subsidies.

Real Time Investments (RTI)

Real Time Investments appointed Best Corporate Asset Management to assist the Group in the development of its strategy. Subsequently, Best designed the RTI Corporate Bonds.


Enviroparks is a UK renewable energy infrastructure project. Best have worked with this client for over 3-years in developing, structuring and managing the fund raising strategy for the project.

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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