Oasis Atlantico

What we do for them

Best Corporate Asset Management partnered with Oasis Atlantico to support the Group in achieving their Corporate Strategy. Best Structured and devised the Oasis Corporate Bonds, which are now fully subscribed.

The Oasis Atlantico is a Portuguese economic group born in Cape Verde in the 90’s, with over 15 years of expertise in the tourism and real estate sector. From Cape Verde, Oasis Atlantico entered the Brazilian market, assuming as a priority mission to invest in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Oasis Atlantico now owns and operates 8 hotels in Cape Verde and Brazil, holding key relationships with Thomas Cook and TUI, with the potential to expand and develop both relationships.

Best Corporate Asset Management partnered with Oasis Atlantico to support the Group in achieving their Corporate Strategy. Structuring and administering corporate bonds on behalf of Oasis Atlantico, the operating Company’s main objective was to consolidate its existing hotel business and to improve performance through renovating two hotels in Cape Verde and expanding its marketing activities with the funds.

Best Corporate Asset Management Services:

Consultancy Services

Best Corporate Asset Management works with Oasis Atlantico in a number of respects to help support their short, medium and long-term strategy. This includes consulting on the high-level fundraising strategy and assisting with implementation, consulting on the general corporate structure and fractional ownership structure and assisting with fractional and property sales.

Fund Raising Products:

Best Corporate Asset Management structured a series of fundraising products, including retail bonds and bespoke HNW offers.

Administration and Marketing:

Best Corporate Asset Management created the promotional material for an off-market HNW Offer distributed via our internal HNW retail network.

What our clients say about us:

"We are delighted to have successfully reached full subscription of the Oasis Atlantico Corporate Bonds in such a short period of time. The result is undoubtedly due to the expertise and professionalism of the Best International Group, along with investors’ confidence in our Group. From the outset, the Best International Group has understood and accounted for our requirements, channeling a pragmatic commercial realism to the process and guiding us along the way." Alexandre Abade, Executive Director Oásis Atlântico Hotels & Resorts

Our Clients include:


Uavend Corporate Bonds is a new corporate client of Best Corporate Asset Management. We are working with the Uavend team on their funding structure, having released Uavend Corporate Bonds in February 2016.

Orthios Eco Parks

Best Corporate Asset Management have worked with Orthios Eco Parks to develop Corporate Bonds amongst various other in-house services in their journey.

Oasis Atlantico

Best Corporate Asset Management has worked closely with Oasis Atlantico in the past year, consulting on their business concept.


Olmsted has grown its unit count to approximately 212 units throughout the South East over the last 12 months. The properties are located in emerging, clean energy markets and attractive subsidies.

Real Time Investments (RTI)

Real Time Investments appointed Best Corporate Asset Management to assist the Group in the development of its strategy. Subsequently, Best designed the RTI Corporate Bonds.


Enviroparks is a UK renewable energy infrastructure project. Best have worked with this client for over 3-years in developing, structuring and managing the fund raising strategy for the project.

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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