About Us

Best Asset Management

Best Asset Management began in 2009 with a vision to build a business that at its core was based on the premise of accessibility.

The aim being to give people the opportunity to access products and services of a higher quality than would normally be available to them. The co-founders always wanted to source key opportunities and present these in an open and transparent way, believing that whilst it must be profitable, the business should also be a force for good and therefore utilise its influences to deliver solutions that would ordinarily not be attainable to the general investor.

When we venture into a new business opportunity, we take the time to research and analyse the model. Typically, we review the industry and make the customer central to our approach, define the product offering and identify the best customer proposition. We look for a competitive edge and a pioneering opportunity for our investors.

A history supported by leadership

Jeff Hankin, Director

Kate Hatton, Administration

Adam Harris, Asset Management

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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